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Celtic Ring

 plays music that makes people happy!

We play traditional Irish tunes along with some of our own.

Contact us at lindacello@gmail.com if you'd like us to play for your special event!

Celtic Ring specializes in traditional Celtic music, along with tunes we have written. An offspring of The Walker Family Band, Celtic Ring's founding members are Scott Walker (on fiddle, cello, guitar,) Linda Minke (on cello, fiddle, harp, ukulele, washboard), and Landon Walker (on accordion, bass, whistle, banjo.)

Newly created in 2019, the Celtic Ring Cello Ensemble plays fantastic arrangements of everything from Irish to Beatles, including Vivaldi.

Celtic Ring leaders: Landon Walker, Linda Minke, Scott Walker

St. Patrick's Day 2019 at Legacy Ale Works 

Celtic Ring often performs at Mudville Grille in Jacksonville

St. Patrick's day 2019 with three cellos, harp and fiddlers