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Fiddle Fest 2021 was outdoors at Hanna Park. 

We had a beautiful weekend at Haw River State Park near Greensboro, North Carolina in early November 2017. Our recent Florida Fiddle Fest in February 2018 gave the northerners a break from the cold and the southerners a break from the heat. In the Spring, our workshops are in Asheville and Chapel Hill.

Here are a few memories from workshops passed.

Florida Fiddle Fest 
All of our classes are meant to be non-competitive, casual and fun. The schedule is only made after the registrations are in, and every effort is made to offer variety and flexibility. Our weekend workshops begin and end with giant jam sessions, with one full day (6 hours) of classes and ensembles in between. While we play mostly Irish and Old-Time music at Florida Fiddle Fest, (and mainly classical music at Groundhogs By The Sea Cello Workshop,) we like to mix it up and create the curriculum to serve the needs of our students.
Some classes are intended for specific age and ability levels, while others will include a wide variety of age and experience levels. We promote a non-competitive environment where learning is a joy.


Scott Walker - Cello, Irish, Americana, Originals
Aisha Ivey - Old-Time, Scottish, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern
Jennie Walker Brunner - Old-Time, Irish, Originals
Linda Minke - cello, fiddle, ukulele, harp
Landon Walker - Irish, Jazz, Old-Time

Philip Pan - Bluegrass, Mariachi

Kathy Braswell, Irish Harps